2018 South African Triathlon Championships

All must agree that Free State Triathlon did a sterling job as host for the 2018 SA Triathlon Champs that was held on 17 and 18 March.

Kwazulu Natal (KZN) seems to be doing something right. Their athletes had the best overall performance. Both their Junior as well as their Senior athletes fared exceptionally well, where KZN athletes claimed 25 podium positions in total. KZN’s Junior athletes claimed 6 podium positions (47% of all Junior podium positions) where their Senior athletes claimed 17 podium positions (37% of all Senior podiums positions).

Central Gauteng (CGT) also fared extremely well with a total of 19 podium positions (3 Junior podiums and 15 Senior podiums). The 3 podiums  claimed by CGT Junior athletes account for 24% of Podiums for Juniors. The 15 podiums claimed by CGT Senior athletes account for 32% of all Senior podium positions.


A summary of the provincial performances are tabulated below:

Kwazulu Natal 25 6 17
Central Gauteng Triathlon 19 3 15
Cape Town Unicity Triathlon 6 0 1
Buffalo City Triathlon 5 3 2
North West Triathlon 4 0 4
Free state Triathlon 4 0 3
Ehlanzeni Triathlon Association 3 1 2
Reunion 2 0 2
Eden Triathlon Association 1 0 1
 TOTAL 69 13 47

The day saw  top performances by many athletes. Congratulations to all athletes!


The full results are available in links below.

Saturday Results (Juniors, Age group sprint and Para event)

Sunday Results (Elite and Age group std Champs event)


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