NameTSA AccreditationProvinceContact CellEmail
Albie de Lange1Tshwane Triathlon
Allen O'' Connor1KwaZulu
Alma Wasserfall1Tshwane Triathlon
Andre Bekker1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Annerie Kruger1Tshwane Triathlon
Barnard Izak Christiaan Steyn1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Brent Kropman1Cape Town Unicity
Britt Hyland2Cape Town Unicity
Caroline Wyatt1Cape Town Unicity
Claire Horner2Cape Town Unicity
Danna Strydon1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Darrel Fritz-Gerald1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Darryn Whelan1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Delwyn Dunbar1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Derick Marcisz1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Diana MacPherson2Cape Town Unicity
Edward Mong1North
Estelle Viljoen1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Etienne Bester1Tshwane Triathlon
Franz Studer2Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Frederick Hamman1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Frederick Wagenvoorde1Cape Town Unicity
Gerhard de Bruin1Tshwane Triathlon
Gerrie Van Heerden1KwaZulu
Gustaf Cilliers1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Jafta Elephant1KwaZulu
Jaryd Browne1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Joe Schoeman2KwaZulu
John van der Berg1Cape Town Unicity
Jonathan Rumbelow2Cape Town Unicity
justin palm1Tshwane Triathlon
Kate Roberts2Tshwane Triathlon
Kent Horner1Cape Town Unicity
Kevin Whelan1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Kobus Meyer1Cape Town Unicity
Kristian Fesel1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Lauren Dance1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Lindsey Parry2Tshwane Triathlon
Lynette Fischer2Tshwane Triathlon
Lynette van der Merwe2Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Magda Nieuwoudt1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Marsha Wessels1Cape Town Unicity
Meagan Botha1
Neil MacPherson3Cape Town Unicity
Nicolaas Pieter Sterk1Tshwane Triathlon
Oswald Kydd1Tshwane Triathlon
Peter Mong1North
Phillip Sassie1Cape Town Unicity
Pierre van Tonder1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Riaan Taylor1Cape Town Unicity
Riana Robertson2Tshwane Triathlon
Roger Bryan Oakley1Eastern
Ron Raviv1Cape Town Unicity
Rudolf Naude1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Samantha Harrington1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Sean Tait1Cape Town Unicity
Steve Attwell2Cape Town Unicity
Taschyana Hurter1Cape Town Unicity
Thomas Motsamai Taole1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Tiaan Rossouw1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Travis Campbell2KwaZulu
Travis Johnston1Central Gauteng (Johannesburg)
Tyler O''Connor1KwaZulu
Valentine Nefdt1Cape Town Unicity
Vivienne Williams2Cape Town Unicity
Zaks Mkhize1KwaZulu



North West League Duathlon

All Day

North West League VENUE: VAAL RIVER BOATING CLUB, VAAL REEFS Medals to all finishers! DISTANCES, AGE GROUPS, ENTRY FEES AND STARTING TIMES: (Age at 31 December 2017) * Age groupers may participate in the sprint event if they feel they are not fit enough to try the standard event. Pre entries up to the day…


Trinity Series

All Day

Enter now: Trinity Sports triathlon and duathlon race series offers athletes of all ages a chance to race: Young Ones (8-9 years), Kids (10-11 years), Juniors and Seniors are welcome and we encourage all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Notice to Athletes Payment is strictly linked to entry deadlines Under 18’s require a…


Tinman Series #2

All Day TINMAN RUN & TRI-SERIES The TinMan Series is an exciting fast paced Run & Triathlon event catering for athletes from all walks of life. The 4 events in the Series will put some of SA’s top elite athletes racking their bikes next to first time athletes. The TinMan Series is all about developing our…