CarlaVan HuysteenCross TriathlonFemale1984-04-19KZN31 August 2017
Brad MatthewEdwardsCross TriathlonMale1993-01-23CGT31 August 2017
MichaelLordCross TriathlonMale1996-01-18WPT31 August 2017
JeffreyNeethlingCross TriathlonMale1989-07-17CGT31 August 2017
MikaelaJonssonCross Triathlon U/23 tempFemale1997-05-07KZN31 August 2018
TraceyAlmirallTriathlon ContinentalFemale1980-09-12EPT31 August 2017
Katherine Binkie ClellandTriathlon ContinentalFemale1983-05-04KZN31 August 2017
RoxanneCoetzee-TurnerTriathlon ContinentalFemale1987-09-09CGT31 August 2017
JessicaDignonTriathlon ContinentalFemale1992-12-23CGT31 August 2017
Laura-BethEicker-HarrisTriathlon ContinentalFemale1973-08-04CGT31 August 2017
MichelleKrebsTriathlon ContinentalFemale1994-08-27WPT31 August 2017
NatalieVan BlerkTriathlon ContinentalFemale1976-12-11CGT31 August 2017
DenineVan HeerdenTriathlon ContinentalFemale1989-07-12CGT31 August 2017
CraigAlersTriathlon ContinentalMale1987-03-28AMT31 August 2017
ClintonGravettTriathlon ContinentalMale1988-06-28AMT31 August 2017
TyronIngleTriathlon ContinentalMale1988-05-17WPT31 August 2017
CobusKrugerTriathlon ContinentalMale1982-09-29CGT31 August 2017
RobertStewartTriathlon ContinentalMale1975-03-25CGT31 August 2017
DarrynTravors PurtellTriathlon ContinentalMale1991-04-04KZN31 August 2017
BradleyVenterTriathlon ContinentalMale1980-05-02KZN31 August 2017
ClaireHornerTriathlon Long DistanceFemale1981-05-05WPT31 August 2017
AnnahWatkinsonTriathlon Long DistanceFemale1981-07-24CGT31 August 2017
MattTrautmanTriathlon Long DistanceMale1985-02-20WPT31 August 2017
FreddyLamprechtTriathlon Long DistanceMale1978-10-16KZN31 August 2017
LaurenDanceTriathlon SeniorFemale1990-07-17CGT31 August 2017
KimDoveyTriathlon SeniorFemale1969-02-18CGT31 August 2017
CarlynFischerTriathlon SeniorFemale1990-09-27FST31 August 2017
MariRabieTriathlon SeniorFemale1986-10-09WPT31 August 2017
AnelRadfordTriathlon SeniorFemale1978-05-01CGT31 August 2017
GillianSandersTriathlon SeniorFemale1981-10-15KZN31 August 2017
CindySchwulstTriathlon SeniorFemale1991-08-04AMT31 August 2017
MelluscaTooveyTriathlon SeniorFemale1989-03-04EPT31 August 2017
VickyVan Der MerweTriathlon SeniorFemale1989-09-15WPT31 August 2017
CarolineKollTriathlon Senior tempFemale1976-10-06CGT31 March 2017
BradleyBirkholtzTriathlon SeniorMale1981-08-02AMT31 August 2017
DonovanGeldenhuysTriathlon SeniorMale1981-10-27KZN31 August 2017
TravisJohnstonTriathlon SeniorMale1985-04-25CGT31 August 2017
CasperMoodieTriathlon SeniorMale1988-01-15CGT31 August 2017
RichardMurrayTriathlon SeniorMale1989-04-01WPT31 August 2017
CameronSchaferTriathlon SeniorMale1989-10-17WPT31 August 2017
HenriSchoemanTriathlon SeniorMale1991-03-10KZN31 August 2017
BradEdwardsTriathlon Senior tempMale1993-01-23CGT31 March 2017
AidanNugentTriathlon Senior tempMale1993-04-30KZN31 March 2017
Maude-ElaineLe Roux Triathlon U23Female1997-01-22FST31 August 2017
AlexandraQuenetTriathlon U23Female1995-05-13WPT31 August 2017
Jayme-SueVermaas Triathlon U23Female1998-12-02FST31 August 2017
ShanaeWilliamsTriathlon U23Female1998-08-13WPT31 August 2017
JodieBerryTriathlon U23 tempFemale1995-05-15CGT31 March 2017
Robyn-LeighJonesTriathlon U23 tempFemale1997-07-21TTA31 March 2017
CelesteRenaudTriathlon U23 tempFemale1995-01-08WPT31 March 2017
MikaelaJonssonTriathlon U23 tempFemale1997-05-07KZN31 August 2018
BassonEngelbrechtTriathlon U23Male1995-03-13TTA31 August 2017
NathanLe Roux Triathlon U23Male1997-07-29EPT31 August 2017
NicolasQuenetTriathlon U23Male1997-04-26WPT31 August 2017
WianSullwaldTriathlon U23Male1993-01-04TTA31 August 2017
DylanNortjeTriathlon U23Male1997-02-19TTA31 August 2018
KeeganCookeTriathlon U23 tempMale1997-01-31EPT31 March 2017
GarethMarquissTriathlon U23 tempMale1970-01-01KZN31 March 2017
DarrenMarquissTriathlon U23 tempMale1970-01-01KZN31 March 2017
DylanNortjeTriathlon U23 tempMale1997-02-19TTA31 March 2017
DylanPivoTriathlon U23 tempMale1994-01-24EPT31 March 2017
WickusSaundersTriathlon U23 tempMale1998-03-07AMT31 March 2017
RiaanShawTriathlon U23 tempMale1995-10-24WPT31 March 2017
PieterjanVan Der MerweTriathlon U23 tempMale1996-06-12TTA31 March 2017



Standard Bank 5150 Bela Bela

All Day

Experience the ultimate African bushveld bash at the Standard Bank 5150 Bela Bela Triathlon at Warmbaths, a Forever Resort, Bela Bela, South Africa. Athletes swim 1.5km in the ski dam on the resort, bike 40km northbound on the hilly D10-Alma Road and run a flat, undulating 10km course in the resort. The bushveld resort setting…


Tinman Triathlon Series #3 Suncoast Beach Durban

8:00 am — 5:00 pm

TINMAN RUN & TRI-SERIES   The TinMan Series is an exciting fast paced Run & Triathlon event catering for athletes from all walks of life. The 4 events in the Series will put some of SA’s top elite athletes racking their bikes next to first time athletes.The TinMan Series is all about developing our athletes…


2018 MiWaylife Cape Ultra

All Day

Cape Ultra gets new 2018 date: We are proud to confirm that the new date for the 2018 MiWaylife Cape Ultra will be the 9th September. The date for the 2018 event has changed due to a clash with the Cape Town Marathon, which is also a highlight on the Western Cape Sporting calendar. Entries…


Afriman & Tshwane Duathlon Championships

All Day

TBA contact: Anne Marie:  ‘Anna Marie’ <annamariedebeer61@gmail.com></annamariedebeer61@gmail.com> Enter online     http://spectrumsport.co.za