ITU Level 1 Technical Official Course


Saturday/Sunday 29-30 September 2018

This course was presented under the auspices of the ITU and TSA with 14 attendees. One attendee joined us from our neighbors Namibia . The venue was a beautiful and welcoming guesthouse in a street lined by Jacarandas in the suburb of Colbyn in Pretoria.

The attendees mostly arrived on Friday afternoon enjoying the hospitality of the guesthouse and their owners. On Saturday morning after a short wait for KZN attendees to arrive(delayed flight) it was all systems go for a busy two days of learning and taking the first step on the path of becoming an accredited ITU technical official.

The opening was done by Jan Sterk (TSA Vice president) and he welcomed all to Pretoria and the course and convey the message that TSA  need more TO’s and that they should take this opportunity ,build on what will be learned and be successful as an TO at future races.

The course content consists of information on the history of the ITU and focused on the rules of the sport and a bit of essential event organizational aspects. We did some practical exercises and I believe the participants will be able to oversee and organize as example a medal ceremony in future.

The group was participating well and due to the fact that they have been National TO’s for some time led to fruitful discussions on rule application and practical examples of incidents experienced at events where they officiated. The course was concluded on Sunday afternoon with an exam of the rules and application thereof. The attendees did well in exam and now need to put an effort in studying the rules more and to officiate at events in different positions  because that is the only way to learn and gain practical experience.

It was an honor for me to present this course to this group and a pleasure sharing my knowledge to them.  I trust it will assist them positively on the road of a TO in the future.

I would like to thank TSA and the ITU for the opportunity to present the course on their behalf.

Thank You

Retief Freysen

ITU Facilitator