Wuustwezel Sprint Triathlon European Cup

Racing in her first ever Triathlon Sprint European Cup as an elite, South African u23 triathlete, Shanae Williams finished 27th in a time of 1:02:45. After swimming with the front pack in a time of 09:41, Williams clocked a cycle leg split of 30:44, followed by a 20:49 run. “I came out the swim in a solid position and got into a pack for the first part of the bike. It was a very technical course with lots of turns and cobbles. I was in a comfortable position on the bike until I got pushed off course. It left me time trialing, as I didn’t want to be caught by the chase pack. The run was tough especially from the time trialing but I am happy with the race overall under the circumstances.” Fellow South African Gizelde Strauss finished in 36th place with a time of 1:05:10.