Kindly note that it has been agreed by TSA Excom that: The athletes selected for the 2019 Zofingen LD Duathlon World Championships, may be considered for selection again for the 2021 Zofingen LD Duathlon World Championships taking place in May 2021. Those athletes will need to submit a motivation for selection to TSA, and the TSA selection committee will then approve or decline each individual application, based on their motivation.

Below is a list of these athletes who are eligible for selection:

First name Last name Date of Birth Gender Region
Robin BOLTEN 28/05/1995 Female CTTA
Christelle HATTINGH 29/09/1983 Female CTTA
Almari DE MILANDER 21/02/1981 Female CTTA
Anneri HARMSE 13/02/1981 Female CTTA
Tammy GREEN 31/03/1977 Female CTTA
Francis VISSER 28/02/1971 Female CTTA
Karen Lee WALKER 15/02/1974 Female CTTA
Karen NORTJE 24/04/1971 Female CTTA
Anna-Mari LEMMON 21/03/1961 Female CTTA
Marthinus KEMP 29/07/1988 Male CTTA
Christoff VAN HEERDEN 13/01/1985 Male CTTA
Andrew-John SPIERINGSHOEK 16/06/1986 Male CTTA
Kobus MEYER 03/02/1975 Male CTTA
Steve ATTWELL 04/01/1978 Male CTTA
Johann FRITZ 07/08/1976 Male NWT
Johan Friedrich Wilhelm CLAASSEN 18/01/1971 Male CTTA
Sydney DOLLMAN 24/02/1974 Male CTTA
Andre DU TOIT 28/03/1965 Male CGT
Mark Anthony LEMMON 05/10/1965 Male CTTA
Shaun DRIEMEYER 03/05/1965 Male KZN
Gordon WALKER 30/12/1963 Male CTTA
Rolf MULLER 08/04/1959 Male CTTA
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