As from 2012 elite athletes competing in the Continental Championships, World Championship Series, World Championships (final) ( all triathlon and multisport disciplines), may only do so in the ITU/TSA approved race uniform, which race uniform shall (subject to available funding) be supplied by TSA.

Panel B, C and one third of panel A (See Diagram 1 from ITU site below) is reserved for TSA sponsors.

ITU Sponsor Rules

The ITU/TSA approved Elite race uniform shown below of March 2015 shows the spaces reserved for athlete sponsors. Athletes may use the Sponsor 1, 2 and 3 spaces indicated in the diagram below for their own sponsors.

March 2015 Approved Elite TSA race uniform
March 2015 Approved Elite TSA race uniform

ITU/TSA approved Uniforms

Click here for the ITU approved National Federation uniform catalogues for Elite Agegroup and Multisport athletes.

ITU Uniform Rules

ITU Age-Group Race Uniform Rules

ITU Elite / U23 / Junior / Youth Race Uniform Rules

ITU Paratriathlon Race Uniform Rules