The objectives of Triathlon South Africa are:

  • To function as the National Federation for triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and related other multi-sports in South Africa, and to represent South Africa internationally;
  • To affiliate and co-operate with the SRSA and any such future national sports body;
  • To conduct its affairs in accordance with the provisions of the Laws of South Africa, including, but not limited to, the South African Sports Commission Act 109 of 1998; the National Sports and Recreation Act 110 of 1998; The Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act of 2000 and The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Act 14 of 1997 [and the Rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)];
  • To adopt appropriate equality plans to promote equality particularly in respect of race, gender and disability and in terms of the regulations to the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act of 2000;
  • To endeavour to be equally representative of both genders at EXCOM and Board level and to endeavour to appoint a Vice-President of the EXCOM of the opposite gender to the President;
  • To support the aims, ideals and principles of the Olympic movement and;
  • Maintain recognition and co-operate with the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee (SASCOC);
  • To maintain recognition and co-operate with the Commonwealth Games Committee of South Africa (CGCSA);
  • To develop, control and administer the sport of Triathlon in South Africa in accordance with the Constitution, the Competition Rules and Operations Manual;
  • To remain affiliated with the international body governing Triathlon, namely International Triathlon Union, and to remain affiliated with the African Triathlon Union, to uphold their rules, regulations and policy rulings and to support their aims, ideals and principles;
  • To implement and develop a marketing strategy to popularise the sports of Triathlon utilising multi-media, quality athletes and venues;
  • To implement sound financial structures in accordance with accepted business and accounting norms and standards;
  • To ensure executive accountability in all respects;
  • To supervise the strict application of the Constitution, Competition Rules and Operations Manual and to be transparent at all times;
  • To promote both competitive and non-competitive Triathlon in South Africa;
  • To encourage support of TSA programmes by the public generally;
  • To provide guidance, information and assistance to the Provincial Federations and clubs in respect of these objectives;
  • To affiliate Provincial Members to TSA;
  • To organise training courses for triathletes, coaches and administrators to national and international standards and in doing so to address any racial, gender or cultural inequalities;
  • To set criteria for the selection to the National team to represent South Africa internationally;
  • To arrange, on an annual basis, the date and venue for South African National Championships to be staged by Provincial Members on a rotational basis;
  • To collate a National Racing Calendar and develop and implement an athletes points and ranking system;
  • To approve facilities and arrangements for events to be run under the auspices of TSA;
  • To acquire moveable and immovable property as may be required to achieve its aims and objectives;
  • To raise funds, negotiate and conclude agreements not in conflict with its aims and objectives;
  • To promote other multi-disciplined endurance events, excluding the traditional decathlon, pentathlon, heptathlon, modern pentathlon and biathlon;
  • To liaise and co-operate with SRSA, USSASA, SASSU and SISA and other such bodies;
  • To make triathlon accessible to all the people of South Africa irrespective of ability, gender, race, religion or geographic location, both for purposes of recreation and excellence;
  • To enquire into alleged irregularities occurring in the course of the administration or competition of Triathlon;
  • To hear appeals against the decisions of Provincial Federations;
  • To perform any other appropriate function for the development of the sport.



NMB Triathlon Champs

All Day

NMB Triathlon Champs Date:                 29th January 2022 Venue: Pollok Beach, Port Elizabeth Event Categories: Super-Sprint, Sprint, Standard Distance Triathlons Event Tags: Triathlon, Zsports, NMB Triathlon Organizer: Zsports Events SA Organizer Website: www.zsports.co.za


Blue Lagoon Triathlon Mykonos

All Day

Blue Lagoon Triathlon BLT flyer (people) 2022 (1) Blue Lagoon Triathlon | Bike Run Tri Stoke | South Africa | www.bikeruntri.co.za


South African Long Distance Triathlon Champs

South African Long Distance Triathlon Champs Date:                 6th March 2022 Venue: Quaysyde, St Francis Bay Event Categories: Half-ironman Distance Triathlon Individual, Aquabike Event Tags: Ultra, half-ironman distance, long distance, Zsports, NMB Triathlon, SA LD Champs Organizer: Zsports Events SA Organizer Website: www.zsports.co.za  


Race2Stanford R2S

All Day

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