Schoeman takes gold at the Commonwealth games

It was no surprise to see South Africa’s Henri Schoeman exit the 600m swim in the front ranks, right on the heels of Alistair Brownlee and Tayler Reid, with Jonothan Brownlee breathing in his neck. Wian Sullwald and Richard Murray followed in 12th and 20th positions respectively;  15 and 24 seconds from Brownlee’s lead.

Murray had a seamless transition; being in and out of there and onto the bike in a mere 32 seconds. However;  the  4 second gap between the lead group of 6 (including Schoeman) and the rest of the field allowed  the lead group to break away and open up that gap to 25 seconds. Murray and Sullwald followed in a large chase group. Murray, together  with the likes of Ryan Sissons, Birthwhistle, Tyler Mislawchuck and Mathew Sharpe, put in a tireless effort to close down that gap to the lead, with no avail.  By the time they reached T2 the chase group had 27 seconds to catch up to the lead.

Schoeman crossed the finish line to take the 2018 Commonwealth title for Elite men in Triathlon with a 7 second lead to Jacob Birtwhistle, in second place. Richard Murray secured a 6th place, 33 sec down on Schoeman’s winning time.

Wian Sullwald got a 20th position.

For full results for Elite men click here.


Photo credit: ITU Media