The iconic CAPE ULTRA and SPRINT Triathlon returns for a 4th year running to open up the Cape summer triathlon season at Theewaterskloof on the 6th October.


With the new date for the race now penned for the month of October, athletes can expect ideal race conditions when they line up for either the Sprint or Ultra Distance Race Day offerings. This is the first race of the summer season for the Cape based athletes and is ideally placed on the sporting calendar to offer those who are not that fit, a chance to spring-board into the season with a SPRINT DISTANCE offering (750m swim/20km cycle/5km run).
The guys and girls who are perhaps in training already for some race plans come the month of November will be enticed to test their fitness levels over the ULTRA DISTANCE (1.9km/90km/21km)

The Theewaterskloof District offers one of the most scenic bike courses in the world. With a sea of mountains as backdrops, some rolling hills to cycle over and the vast expanse of the Theewaterskloof Dam itself, this bike course is truly one that sets this race apart from any other in South Africa.

The swimmers will also be pleased with the new race date as this guarantee’s some warmer flat water for the swim discipline whilst the run takes place off- road as the runners bob and weave in between the beautiful apple orchard. All in all, one of the best triathlon race courses around that can easily compete on a global scale with the very best of them.


There is a huge contingent of athletes that enter the CAPE ULTRA annually in either the corporate or family team sections. This is the breeding ground for future triathletes as it offers those that are perhaps not as fit, slightly intimidated or just plain curious, a chance to dip their toes into the sport of triathlon without the necessary pressure or required fitness levels. If you come from a swim, bike or run background, get your team together and come on down and race. Nothing fosters team building and spirit more than a semi competitive environment where athletes can pit themselves and their teams against fellow competitors in a day that is filled with fun from start to finish. The Team Relay section especially embodies what the sport of triathlon is all about. Team Work and Perseverance being the order of the day. Enter your team today and come join in the fun filled day of sporting activities.


As the first race of the Cape TRI Season, the CAPE ULTRA and SPRINT DISTANCE entries are in high demand and there is a cap on entry numbers for both events. The ULTRA SERIES is synonymous with good value, well priced entry fees and an all-round great racing experience. Don’t miss out – get your entry in as soon as possible

A number of the country’s leading professional triathletes will be in attendance as will the cream of the crop from the junior divisions who love to race over the short distance.

It must be noted that the majority of athletes that do come and participate are there for fun and the pure enjoyment of the sport. This will ensure that any newbie out there does not feel intimidated at the thought of entering and racing. This is a triathlon series and race for the masses and everyone is encouraged to get their entry in before the deadline closes.

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