Unfortunate event in team relay will not bring South African Triathlon team down

For the team relay things went wrong for South Africa in the first leg when Simone Ackermann had cramps, costing them several minutes on the race.

ITU reports: “To everyone’s surprise, the South African team was pushed to the last position when Simone Ackermann had cramps that left her three and a half minutes behind the rest of the teams. It was then for the South Africans a matter of trying to catch up a bit, which they did, even though they still finished in the last place, despite Henri Schoeman, Gillian Sanders and Richard Murray’s efforts.”

According to teamsa.co.za Murray and Schoeman showed great maturity and understanding afterwards.

‘It’s one of those things,’ said Murray. ‘A team race is like a long chain and if that first link breaks, the rest of the chain is broken.

Schoeman:” It’s really not an issue. It’s a team sport and there is still good team spirit”.

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Photo credit: ITU media – featuring Simone Ackermann in the team relay