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Engage in three sports with just one athlete!

Why limit yourself to one sport when you can participate in three simultaneously? The triathlon is a thrilling multi-disciplinary sport that entails a continuous race covering various distances in swimming, transitioning to biking, and concluding with a run to the finish line.

Triathlon welcomes participants of all ages, genders, and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice or a lifelong competitor, there’s no sport quite like triathlon!

Embark on your journey with Age-Group racing, where you’ll share the starting line with fellow athletes, affectionately known as World Triathletes. These individuals, similar in age and gender, share a passion for competition. While triathlon may be an individual sport, everyone is part of the same team when it comes to encouraging each other across the finish line!

Status of Competition

Triathletes fall into two distinct categories:

  1.  Elite: These are professional triathletes who participate in international-level competitions.

  2.  Age-Group: Non-professional triathletes who are categorized based on age. The Age-Group system enables competitors to race against others within the same age group (within a five-year range) and gender. Competing as an Age-Grouper also grants you the title of World Triathlete.

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